San Diego SeaStars strive to offer quality Synchronized Swimming training in the San Diego area. Our coaches are a unique team of qualified professionals with extensive synchronized swimming backgrounds. They are dedicated to offering each swimmer the best training possible. 

Meet The Coaches!


HEAD COACH - Julee Lashley

Julee has been involved in Synchro since the age of 7. She began swimming with the San Diego SweetWater Dolphins, coached by her mother Julie Howell (on the left), the founder of the team. Julee has coached Synchronized swimmers from levels of Novice to International rankings. 

She continues to challenge her athletes to pursue excellence and achievement through daily conditioning, lifelong training, and (always through) commitment of mind, body and soul. 

"Synchronized Swimming is life, love and learning! Always stay committed and pursue excellence." 

Coach Julee

(on the right)


HEAD COACH - Kirsten Hutzler

Kirsten competed in synchronized swimming for 13 years and coached it for more than 6 years. She competed in multiple National and local meets at both the Club and Collegiate Levels. In her time swimming, she achieved the titles of a Collegiate National Champion and 3-Time National Champion with her Lady Lions at Lindenwood University. 

" My Coaching Philosophy is not only to simply teach the sport of synchronized swimming and develop elite athletes, but to teach them life long lessons of integrity, humility, sportsmanship, and empowerment through mental and physical strength. " 

Coach Kirsten

Meet The Coaches!




Amber is truly a mermaid at heart... 

She competed in synchronized swimming for 5 years with SDSS, competitive swimming for 4 years with MV High School, and water polo for 2 years with MV High School. She has experience competing in multiple National and local meets in all these areas.

Amber is a fantastic addition to our coaching staff with her large array of techniques and knowledge of swimming.



Emily has been swimming since she was 7 years old; starting at Summer League in Iowa and quickly joining nationally competing teams of the Des Moines Aquamaids and Rocky Mountain Splash. She has competed at various competitions from Regional Zone Championships to US Nationals and Junior Olympics. After graduating high school, she has gone back to coach Summer League in Colorado during her school year summers and is thrilled to have joined our coaching staff as of 2019 year round as she attends SDSU. 

"During my undergraduate, I aspire to start a synchro team at SDSU and continue to advocate for the respect and recognition Synchronized Swimming deserves. It's a sport that combines limitless possibilities of athleticism and expression, where the water can become your home."  

Coach Emily 



Cloie competed with the San Diego Sea Stars for 8 years and 1 year with the Cardinals at the University of Incarnate Word (UIW). She has competed in multiple National and local meets at both the Club and Collegiate Levels. Cloie has also recently been hired onto the Aqualillies; a professional synchronized swimming/dance company. Her major strengths include flexibility and choreography. The Sea Stars are excited to have this talented young woman back in San Diego and joining our coaching staff as of 2019. 


ASSISTANT COACH - Elizabeth Becerra

Liz has swam and competed in synchronized swimming since the age of 6. At 12 years old she decided to take on newer challenges and joined the Los Angeles Aquanymphs throughout her high school years. She has competed in 4 Junior Olympic meets across the country in her synchro career. Liz has recently stopped competing due to medical issues that cannot easily be fixed. However, she now excitingly coaches synchro at local pools and goes to the University of California - San Diego furthering her education. 

We are excited to announce Liz as a part of our coaching staff as of 2019.